What the critics say!

anger computer3The following reviews of McNutt Against the Music’s content are all real, sourced from blog comments and message boards across the Internets:

“I can’t tell if the guy is a dick or if he’s just dumb.”

“Here’s a little message to the guy who wrote that post: form an opinion and stay with it. No one likes a flip-flopper.”

“You gotta wonder how some of these people get jobs criticizing others’ work.” (ed. note: McNutt Against the Music is a non-paid venture though, obviously, I have had jobs criticizing others’ work.)

“Obviously the reviewer is not a happy person.”

“OMFG McNutt, you dribbled more bullshit. I hate to say but you are NOT an expert on whats good/bad, right/wrong for anyone at any age.”

“Possibly the most depressing thing I’ve read so far this year.”

“The fact he calls himself a culture worrier [sp] makes me want to call him an utter dick. That asside [sp] he needs to form a better opinion before publishing them for all to see.” (ed. note: after seeing this, I switched my tagline from the ironic “warrior” to “worrier.” It’s way more awesome.)

“Hope as you age you will learn appreciation for music and talent, not just for your opinion and preferences. Maybe then you will be able to write a review that has some intellect content.”

“I hate it when a concert review is 75% the reviewers personal situation, 25% actual concert info and 100% shallowness.”

“Very Fight Club-ish”

“You come off as a spoiled little prig that thinks he knows everything.”


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