A few of my (recent) favourite things

Not a lot of big thoughts kicking around my skull these days, so here’s a few little things I’ve loved on the Internet over the past little while.

* This photo of Trent Reznor, live in Las Vegas with NIN on their joint tour with Jane’s Addiction (via Stereogum):


* Grizzly Bear’s new video for “Two Weeks”(the album is pretty stunning too, but I’ll have more to say about that later, I suspect)

* Andy Baio’s “Meme Scenery” project, where he isolates the backgrounds from some of your favourite viral videos. Far more artistic than it has any right to be:


* The National debuting a new song, tentatively called “The Runaway” on CBC’s Q on Monday. Their new record can’t be finished soon enough:

* Finally, my issues with Serena Ryder still stand, but I’ll be damned if she doesn’t do justice to one of Springsteen’s finest in her take on “Racing in the Street”:


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