“Why So Serious?” The 2012 Mixtape – Sigur Ros’ “Inní mér syngur vitleysingur”

Length: 4:15
Originally found on: Med Su I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endulaust (June 24, 2008)
Samples: Slumdog Millionaire trailer

…what, you thought I was done?

Actually, I was. Pretty much entirely. Hands washed thoroughly and wiped on towels. But alas, fate had other plans. It seems that not all artists and their representation are as welcoming of my work as, say, R.E.M. were (whose people actually featured this blog on the band’s website two weeks ago). As such, you’ll notice that track fourteen is now missing in its entirety. And, given that the request specifically asked me to remove all MENTION of one of the artists in question, I assure you that I will never speak of him or her again.

So while the keeners out there may have the complete “director’s cut” of Why So Serious in their possession, I clearly need something to fill the gap should future generations seek out or stumble upon this self-indulgent project. Now the logical thing to do would just be to go to that list of “almost” tracks that I posted a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve never been the most logical person.

No, I needed something that not only fit perfectly in the vacant space, but that linked to something else worthwhile about 2008. Thankfully, I just saw Danny Boyle’s brilliant Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night, a glorious rush of a film that’s still bouncing around in my brain and dancing in my heart 48 hours later. And as I was working on my album’s list last night I was reminded of the few moments of glorious rush on Sigur Ros’ Med Su I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endulaust. And that the Slumdog Millionaire trailer made brilliant use of the band’s “Hoppipolla.”

It’s funny how wonderfully global the whole operation feels. Here’s a film set and shot in India, made with a British director, with musical assistance from a Brit whose family is from Sri Lanka (that would be M.I.A.) and yet, somehow the soaring strings and cathartic percussion of a bunch of blokes from Iceland feels a perfect fit. At their best (and not their proggy worst), Sigur Ros sound timeless, spaceless, nation-less. To their fans, their “foreignness” isn’t a weakness but a strength – it leaves the band detached from any one sound or scene. They remain an effervescent rush, and a more than worthy substitute addition to Why So Serious.

Download: Sigur Ros – “Inní mér syngur vitleysingur” (It Is Written)


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