…in which McNutt salutes Wayne Coyne for embracing the future of music

The NBC studio tour at 30 Rockefeller Center in NYC begins with one of the pages acting as your guide picking up a mallet and hitting three world-famous notes on a handy xylophone. Ding DING ding.

Yes, NBC’s three-chime theme (G-E-C, for those who read music) is pretty iconic, which is why the network has hired a bunch of musicians to offer their own take on the mini-song. Some of the artists who signed up for the task include T.I., B.B. King, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, The B-52’s, and Clint Black. But the most exciting take will likely come from the game-for-anything Flaming Lips.

Entertainment Weekly has an entertaining video of the Lips rehersing for their eight-second moment of fame, but what stands out about the piece is frontman Wayne Coyne’s new double-neck guitar, which merges together a standard guitar with a Guitar Hero controller (with a noise modulator attached) and allows him to expand the Lips audience to the button-mashing youth of today. Here’s what Coyne had to say about his reasons for building his custom axe:

There’s a lot of kids out there that think this is actually how you play guitar now, that you just press a series of four or five buttons in sort of different sort of sequences and it makes every sound that the guitar can make. So when you do this sort of stuff (*strums actual guitar*)…it’s not as impressive as just hitting the correct green and red combinations.”

I think he’s onto something. Check out the video interview over at EW.


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