My five favourite concerts of 2007


2007 - the concerts

Was 2007 as notable as 2006 for live music in Halifax? Not quite. In fact, in many ways it was more than a little redundant, at least in terms of music targeted at the McNutt demographic: return visits from Broken Social Scene, Final Fantasy, Feist, Metric and more. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t riches to be found, as this list ably demonstrates.

Feist / Cunard Centre

What I Said Then: As usual, she was in fine form, although the show wasn’t quite the revelation that her last visit to town was…the entire Cunard Centre sounded like a smoky, disinterested bar.

What I Think Now: Sure, the crowd sucked and the performance was not exactly spontaneous, but it made up for it with stunning professionalism. Further proof that Ms. Feist is a national treasure.

Besnard Lakes / Marquee Club

What I Said Then:An ear-crushing set from the Besnard Lakes, who were as heavy as the smoke they played in (I’ve never seen such charmingly excessive use of the fog machine).

What I Say Now: One of my most memorable concerts was seeing godspeed you! black emperor several years ago, and the Lakes sounded like if godspeed had wanted to be a pop band: loud, dynamic and powerful.

White Stripes / Cunard Centre

What I Said Then: The chemistry is nothing short of electric.Not only do the Stripes know how to put on a show – they know how to send their fans home happy.

What I Say Now: The Halifax show was a more calculated affair than the Glace Bay concert, but the eight-song encore might have been the most amazing streak of songs they played in the two-concert set.

Broken Social Scene / Marquee

What I Said Then: Every time I see an incarnation of Broken Social Scene there’s a buzz in the crowd that’s not usually there with your average concert…If anything, the songs might have come across a little more energetic than usual since the band had a little more room to maneuver onstage.

What I Say Now: It lacked the sheer epicness of last year’s BSS gig, but on a technical level if very well might have bested it. I’m not sure “Lover’s Spit” has ever sounded so great.

White Stripes / Savoy Theatre

What I Said Then: Everything that was iconic and awesome about the Halifax show – the chemistry between Jack and Meg, the guitar solos, the crowd interaction – was amplified ten-fold in Glace Bay…Much of the show’s over two-hour length came during the “encore,” which was really more of a second complete set (15 more songs!).

What I Say Now: If this were a list of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen, there’s a good chance that this number one slot would be exactly the same. A stunning, epic concert that – if Jack’s speculation about the Stripes’ touring future turns out to be true – might have been their glorious swan song as a live duo. What a way to go.


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