Halifax Pop Explosion 2007 – a recap


Halifax Pop Explosion 2007

Jeesh, I never thought it would come to this: I’ve become one of those people who neglects their blog, and then has to write posts justifying/apologizing for said neglect. I’ve only made twelve posts in the past two months – that’s an average of less than two posts a week. That’s pretty friggin’ terrible on my part.

Excuses? I can blame work, with the fall rush kicking in and leaving me less inspired to write in my off-time. I can blame my volunteer work getting in the way, either with the film festival last month or debating and Amnesty this month. But the bottom line is that I’ve got to put in a better effort in content creation here at McNutt Against the Music in the months to come, so consider this a throw-down of sorts.

Thankfully, my return brings with it some goodies, as much of my unwillingness to blog this past week was due to the Halifax Pop Explosion, Atlantic Canada’s premiere pop music festival. This year, over 100 bands rocked 20+ venues across town. Myself, I mostly stuck with the headlining concerts at the Marquee Club which presented a nationwide (though Montreal-dominated) lineup from acruss the indie rock spectrum.

Highlights? An ear-crushing set from the Besnard Lakes, who were as heavy as the smoke they played in (I’ve never seen such charmingly excessive use of the fog machine). The rhythmic sounds of Andrew Whiteman’s Apostle of Hustle, who rocked the Arts & Crafts showcase with odd clotheslines and blindfolds in tow. And of course, the Eric’s Trip reunion show was fantastic – having missed their heyday, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but got a fantastic set of mid-90s rock that felt nothing short of timeless.

My under-the-radar selection: I really dug Vancouver’s Mother Mother, a Vancouver band with a sound seems to combine dance punk, country and soul…and yet sound nothing like any of them. Genuinely unique, and well worth checking out.

Enough talk – onto the photographic evidence (with MySpace links for further listening)!

I See Rowboats (Halifax)

I See Rowboats

Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts (Halifax)

Laura Peek

The Besnard Lakes (Montreal)

The Besnard Lakes

Besnard Lakes

Besnard Lakes

Young Galaxy (Montreal)

Young Galaxy

The Most Serene Republic (Toronto)

The Most Serene Republic

Apostle of Hustle (Toronto)

Apostle of Hustle

Apostle of Hustle

Apostle of Hustle

Mother Mother (Vancouver)

Mother Mother

Land of Talk (Montreal)

Land of Talk

Miracle Fortress (Montreal)

Miracle Fortress

Eric’s Trip (New Brunswick)

Eric’s Trip

Eric’s Trip


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