Geeking out as Arcade Fire joins Bruce Springsteen onstage in Ottawa


Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen - together at last

I’ve been meaning to write a post for the longest time about the Bruce Springsteen revival that’s occuring in both popular and alternative music these days; Eye Weekly’s cover story might have beaten me to the punch, but I still might revisit the subject when I get around to reviewing Magic sometime soon.

But clearly, one of the most notable bands to show off a Springsteenian influence this year has been Arcade Fire, whose Neon Bible features a number of tracks that roll and rumble like an E-Street Band classic, most notably “(Antichrist Television Blues)” and “Keep the Car Running.”

Given my unabashed love of all things Springsteen and Arcade Fire, what happened last night is both brilliant and depressing; brilliant because of its awesomeness, depressing because I wasn’t there to see it. At Springsteen’s show in Ottawa last night, after opening his encore with “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” The Boss decided to bring out two surprise guests: Win and Regine from Arcade Fire.

With Win on vocals and Regine sporting her trademark accordion, they launched into a rendition of Nebraska’s “State Trooper” (which the Fire have covered before), with Win and Bruce trading vocals. Things only got better from there: with mandolin in hand, Win led the entire E-Street Band through a rollicking rendition of “Keep the Car Running.”

The good folks over at Trendwhore were in attendance and captured both performances on film; while the videos are a bit shaky, the sound is absolutely impeccable. Somebody get Robert and Ryan a trophy for a job well done.

Watch: Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band & Arcade Fire – “State Trooper”

Watch: Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band & Arcade Fire – “Keep the Car Running”


Bruce’s setlist, with *’s beside the guest appearances


2 responses to “Geeking out as Arcade Fire joins Bruce Springsteen onstage in Ottawa

  1. The audience reactions as captured in the TrendWhore videos sadly aren’t an accurate representation of the audience response as a whole; the overwhelming majority of those in attendance had no idea who the Arcade Fire was. A good reality check for those of us in the bubble.

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