The Top 5 White Stripes videos

i fell in love once and almost completely

The White Stripes made their breakthrough to the mainstream with music video, and since then have been one of the few bands striving to keep the medium artistically relevant. So without further ado, I present my list of the Top 5 best White Stripes videos.

5. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”

Why are ghosts always so sad? The video for “Dead Leaves” has Jack wandering through a trashed house as images of days and parties past project all around him. Favourite moments: when Jack sings into a lightbulb and when he lies down lonely in bed just as phantom Meg walks out the door with her suitcase and a painting in her hand.

4. “The Denial Twist”

The first of three Michel Gondry videos on this list, and probably the most Gondry-like, “Denial Twist” recreates the band’s appearance on the Conan O’Brien show while completely messing with visual perspectives. The Stripes shrink, stretch and grow as they walk through the entire scene in what appears to be one take. The moral of the story? Watch out for giant feet when you’re playing your piano.

3. “Seven Nation Army”

Yesterday I talked about how perfectly this song fit it’s title; well, throw the video into the mix. Jack looks like Big Brother as he pontificates to the masses while Meg drives the army of triangles along. Throw in marching skeletons and a well-placed elephant and you’ve got yourself a video to remember.

2. “The Hardest Button to Button”

A video so iconic that the Simpsons spoofed it, Gondry and the Stripes reunite to give us music in motion. There’s so many great moments here – building stacks of amps, traveling in and out of the subway car, and the revolving star of drums sets in the grassy field. Although I confess: my first thought was that it must have cost a fortune in equipment-rental fees.

1. “Fell in Love With A Girl”

It’s an idea so simple you wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner – a stop-motion video made entirely with everyone’s favourite childhood toy! But really, it was a concept that was just waiting for a band like the Stripes whose visual minimalism perfectly matched the Lego aesthetic. Watching the making-of video, you can tell that this was a labour of love for Gondry, the Stripes and everyone else involved. A genuine classic.


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