The Top 5 White Stripes singles


all the words are gonna bleed from me and I will think no more

We’re two days away from the Halifax concert! In today’s post, I list through my five favourite White Stripes singles. There’s a lot to choose from, so feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments if your personal picks got neglected.

5. “Hello Operator” (from 2000’s De Stiji)

We start our list with something off of the band’s second album(still one of their best too). I’ve always had an affinity for “Hello Operator” for the way in which it combines a very traditional pop lyric with a blistering rock track and those cool drum-click breaks. That, or I really like telephones. I’m not sure which.

4. “Hotel Yorba” (from 2001’s White Blood Cells)

Some of my favourite Stripes moments are where Jack embraces his country side, and “Hotel Yorba” might be the best of the best. It also provides ample proof that counting can improve pretty much any song. Cool fact: the 7″ version of the single was actually record IN the Hotel Yorba in Detroit.

3. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” (from 2001’s White Blood Cells)

Part of me feels a bit weird putting this one here instead of “Fell In Love With a Girl” (the band’s breakthrough single), but screw it – the follow-up may have been less radio-friendly but is infinitely more awesome. In fact, it might crack my list of my Top 10 favourite album-openers.

2. “My Doorbell” (from 2005’s Get Behind Me Satan)

In contrast, “My Doorbell” might be the most straightforward “pop” song that Jack’s ever written. It’s positively Motown, and drop-dead infectious. The track pretty much mandates head-bopping which, really, is all you can and should ask for in a killer single.

1. “Seven Nation Army” (from 2003’s Elephant)

This one’s hard to dispute – hell, it’s the song that cemented their legacy as one of this decade’s biggest rock bands and allowed them to outlast the “garage rock” fad. Whether Jack was playing a bass on the record or not (he wasn’t), this is one of the few songs that lives up to its title – it sounds like an army, thundering onwards obliterating everything in its path. Nothing can hold it back from attaining what it rightfully deserves – the top spot on this list.


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